Why Every Dog Owner Needs a Tag for Their Dog


Dogs are among the most loyal animals in the world. They are part of the family and we can’t afford to lose them at any cost. They love us as much as we do. No doubt, their safety and protection is important to us but no matter how careful we plan, things can go wrong. Even if nobody of us cannot imagine losing our beloved pup, this could happen when the delivery guy leaves the door open or when children forget to lock it, and it only takes a few seconds for them to escape. Losing a dog can be a devastating and painful experience. And finding them back becomes even more strenuous when we do not bother to tag them. People can only be able to contact you back if some clear identification was done in the form of dog tags. That is why putting a collar or tag on them is a must, having all basic information i.e. owner’s name, contact number and other pertinent information about the dog. Our company has curated this guide to highlight some reasons depicting the importance of dog tags and collars.



Again, being a dog owner, it’s your first and foremost duty to take some steps for your pet’s basic identification because animals can get lost at any time regardless of your careful planning. A dog tag or collar in the neck will provide the basic identification and it can act as the fastest ticket to home for your pup. Because anyone who finds them will be able to see that info even at the first glance and it will make their return hassle-free.



We know your pet’s safety is inevitable and the easiest yet economical way to do this is through dog ID tag. These tags ensure that you may be able to get your pets back after losing them. Our company has made it much easier. We can engrave not only the basic information on the tags but also the name of the dog so that they can be called by their names which will be helpful to ease and relax them is any difficult situation. Such tags will surely help to bring them back to you instead of moving them to the animal shelter!



Dog’s basic health information engraved on the ID tag would be a plus. It will provide enough info about dog’s health issues i.e. the blindness, medication guidelines or allergies to the person who finds him. He may not need to take the dog to the vet instead he will call you right away for returning the pet. Also, such medical alert tags are very useful for those who interact with the dog or try to play with him. You may need to update that information from time to time and our company is best at doing this job.



Microchiping is an advanced way to replace ID tags. Such chips are used to track the dogs in case they get lost or ran away. But still, we cannot completely rely on them as it all depends on computers and mechanics which needs to be maintained and modified timely. Moreover, such locator chips are only effective when used accurately but still are prior to malfunctioning upon getting old. There is also some implantation cost include and such chips are no match to fashionable tags. So, the bottom line is, dog tags are best to consider if you want to ensure your dog’s safety as they are less costly and reduces much hassle when it comes to finding out a dog’s identification.


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